This is a Catch-Photo-Release Tournament for Striped Bass.


Teams compete for the longest combined length of their two four longest Striped Bass.

Teams of two - fly fishing only - wade fishing only.


You can fish all coastal waters in Maine. Feet must remain on land the entire time, no swimming, boats, ladders etc. Fishing from docks and rocks is allowed.


Each team member must have a valid ME Saltwater Fishing License to compete 


Fishing kicks off at 4am from Pine Point Fisherman's co-op in Scarborough, ME. 

Anglers can begin checking in by 3:15am and check-in will close at 3:55am. 


Fishing is open until 2:00pm on Sunday, July 28.


Scorecard must be submitted in person, at Oxbow Blending + Bottling in Portland, ME by 3:00pm.



  • Each team is competing for the longest total inches of their four longest Striped Bass

  • In your photo the ruler and identifier must be clearly visible

  • Measure fish from tip of the nose to tip of the tail

  • Measure to the nearest quarter-inch.

  • Tie-Break: Longest fish, 2nd Longest fish, 3rd longest fish, 4th longest fish, time of scorecard submission

  • Top 3-5 teams will be required to show their photos

  • Why Knot has full discretion of all the rules, fish measurement, fish submission, photo quality, final scoring, and disqualification if necessary.  All tournament decisions made are final.