An Opportunity in 4 Steps

1) Acquire the URL

2) Rebrand accordingly

3) Execute a 12 month community building plan to become the digital destination for the next generation of fly anglers

4) Explore various revenue opportunities:

  • Subscription Models

  • On-demand Content

  • Brand Marketing Campaigns

  • Affinity / Co-op Models

  • E-commerce Models

The URL allows for an organic – and iterative – approach to finding viable revenue streams.Thus the formula:

no brainer URL + robust technology + community focused content =

low risk engagement + obvious revenue opportunities

An engaged community will tell you what they want to pay for.

Back to Step 1: Raise $20,000 to acquire the URL

We are looking to attract 20 founding members at $1000 each to fund the purchase. From there, we will organize a management team to execute business plans and maximize the opportunities.

If you'd like to be part of the fun, contact Beau Thebault: