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When Why Knot first teamed up with Cheeky to produce a Boston screening of the F3T, the formula for venue and date was:

  • A sports bar near the Boston Garden sports arena

  • A capacity of +150 people

  • A robust A/V infrastructure

  • An active college crowd

  • Schedule a mid-week night when the arena was dark and the bar would be eager to attract business

The strategy was a hit! So, no we're teaming up with F3T to design an extension series of screenings through Florida and eastern states.

  • High production value, low cost / low risk

  • Heightened attendee experience

  • Attendees engaged in the room, not just the screening

  • Greater socializing; food and drink flexibility

  • Highly activated attendees = customer intimacy and unique brand engagement opportunities


As an events marketing company, Why Knot looks beyond the content of the films. We see the F3T x sports bar formula as a no-brainer brand activation opportunity. Between F3T and Why Knot, we have the expertise to program the event, fill the room, and amp up the crowd.

That means - as sponsor partners - this series creates a whole new suite of intimate brand engagement opportunities in currently untapped markets throughout Florida and eastern states.